This whole event visual identity was designed for The Salt Company (Iowa City) as a part of their Fall Kickoff that took place on August 25, 2022.
This year, I wanted our three-week-countdown social media package to be more than just "two weeks until August 25" and "this Thursday!" - I wanted to paint a vivid picture of the culture at Salt Company by coming up with compelling phrases to use as the focal point of the image. I layered photos in a muted beige underneath to show what The Salt Company looks like - a tight-knit community of people!
With so many event going on, an event calendar was necessary to communicate all the details! Additionally, we asked questions on our stories to encourage engagement and build excitement leading up to the event.
Over 2,000 of these lil guys were printed and handed out across the campus of the University of Iowa, leading to just under 1,000 people in attendance of the annual outdoor event. The goal was to be both informational and eye-catching, while showcasing what The Salt Company is all about - people & community, loving God and loving one another.
This t-shirt was designed to identify the leaders of the ministry at Kickoff so newcomers could easily find them to connect! I also wanted it to tie in seamlessly with the rest of the event's branding - but in colors that would want to be worn again and again (aka the classic black and white combo... people love it, man)
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