Sooooo I made an album cover!?!? 🤯😍😇 I finished it MONTHS ago, but I finally get to share it with you now that the album is live!!

Yes, there will be actual CD's coming soon... but you don't need an iridescent disc to start listening - it's already available on Spotify + Apple Music 👀
This project was the most client-led collab I've done so far - @laurenjvogel and @daltonzanestorm both had such a beautiful, specific vision and it was a joy to tweak and tweak again until it was perfect! They really wanted each element used to be rich in symbolism drawing from the main themes in the songs on the album. What are those themes? A: Jesus came to dwell on Earth, making His humble home among us - yet He is also Creator of the Cosmos, reaching down from Heaven in pursuit of His children. The prayers of his saints rise up like incense before him, and all the creatures of the earth submit to his Kingship. His love is pastoral and gentle as the slopes of the hills of the midwest - yet he is so mighty that the stars are his footstool! 🕊️✨🪜

P.S. check out the Behind the Scenes pics to see the raw assets I dug up from hours of searching in internet archives, and the actual mechanics beyond my Photoshop artboard ;)
Of course, the album cover doesn't exist as a standalone - I used elements from the collage to create an entire visual identity for promotion on social media and live from stage, too!
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