Yep, my graphic for the ⚠️New Salt Series ⚠️ is just the book of 1 Thessalonians written out by hand. πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

Why? This brief came on the heels of several short, topical studies full of fun but abstract visuals... and the overwhelming feeling I had while researching 1 Thessalonians was just the beauty and simplicity of receiving a letter from a dearly loved one. It's so easy to miss that when reading text in the formal layout of a Bible - but this little epistle was indeed Paul's earliest recorded LETTER to a church he had planted (see Acts 17) and is full of familial affection & personal tone! I wanted to get in touch with that concept, and translate it into a more modern context [cough cough, Moleskine Dotted Paper and Pilot G2 0.7's πŸ˜‰]
If you'll notice, the rest of these images have the handwritten scrawl dimmed... I was SO in love with the crisp, almost overwhelming feel of the true black-and-white background, but I am a designer and I knew that it would be too much on the eyes during a 35 minute sermon. So I endeavored to tone it back for the actual implementation of this design... but that's why I like to share my work online, because I can show all my alternate designs and ideas that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day! Also - peek an alternate layout I drafted at the very end: this one really leans into the two-page-open-notebook thing.
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