Okay, so I know what you're thinking... "That's not very Christmas, there's not even any red or green." And I get it - this is not your typical "christmas-y" graphic ... but hear me out! I was feeling into something a lil non-traditional, more of a nod to the season we experience during Christmas - dark winter nights that make the joy of experiencing light all the more beautiful and warm!

Since our church wasn't doing a full 4-week advent series this year, the vibe for the Christmas Eve graphic & promotion was simple + understated. I wanted to tie in the visual language to this year's Women's Christmas Event, so I kept the paper-y cut-out illustration style and typeface consistent, but played with a "night scene" and the opacity of the light layers to also keep it feeling unique.
I chose a candle as the main imagery since Christmas is all about Jesus, the true Light, coming into the darkness of the world... and my favorite part of the Christmas Eve service every year is the candle lighting. It is just such a beautiful metaphor and makes me tear up every time!
Because our church congregation is full of so many college students, with winter break significantly reducing their attendance plus all the odd holiday service times, a full schedule of when to be where was necessary! Promotion included social media carousels and on-screen stage announcements seen by hundreds of people. 
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