The annual women's christmas event this year is called Child of Glory - visually inspired by the artwork of Grace Remington's "Mary Consoles Eve," thematically rooted in Genesis 3:15 - "[God] will put hostility between [Satan, the serpent] and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will strike your head, and you will strike his heel." Mary becomes a New Eve, and the offspring she carries is Emmanuel; God with us; Jesus - the snake-crusher who will make all things right and reign in glory.
I wanted the illustration to shine, but keep things low-key Christmas, so we went for minty eucalyptus and warm cranberry tones. Due to a funny miscommunication when showing this to my friend, I stumbled upon the perfect name for the background color - milky earl grey. Hah! I always dreamed of being one of the people who gets to name crayola crayons, so I'm basically living the dream. 

Did you notice the papery texture? I wanted it to feel like the illustration was built from cut-out pieces of construction paper - simple, approachable, understated. 
Aaaand an alternate color combo on the type- it wasn't the right fit for being up on a screen and against the illustration, but so Christmas-y even on it's own, I just loved how it looks!
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