This year's design for the Salt Company Fall Retreat - the brief was "big white tent music festival vibes like last year, but less retro and more modern." So I grabbed this super fun blurry crowd pic from last years' retreat [u know what they say - show don't tell!] and did some fun hand-drawn elements to make it feel relaxed & personable, while the monochrome-plus-yellow color scheme kept it feeling cool.

fun fact, this was my first attempt at completely drawn-from-scratch lettering! probably took me wayyyy too long, but i love the wobbly unpolished look of how it turned out.
I'll spare you from the boredom of all the usual promo elements [social media posts, announcement sliders, etc.] and share the special part of the event's design - a poster that was hung up around the church building, and some VIP-feelin' name tags complete with the weekend schedule!
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