Shhhh.... this is top secret! The album [and therefore its artwork] hasn't been released yet.... but I just HAD to get this on my portfolio bc I'm so dang proud of it. For Veritas Worship's upcoming LP, Ladder of Heaven. Each element has rich symbolism drawing from the main themes in the songs on the album. Jesus came to dwell on Earth, making His home among us - yet He is Creator of the Cosmos, reaching down in pursuit of His children. The prayers of his saints rise up like incense before him, and all the creatures of the earth submit to his Kingship. His love is pastoral and gentle as the slopes of the hills of the midwest - yet he is so mighty that the stars are his footstool!
Album coming Spring of 2023. Stay tuned!
Eeeekkkk I'm so excited I could just frame it and hang it on my wall! Oh wait, I already [digitally] did.... in my own custom mockup. Because real matting & framing is EXPENSIVE. Cheers!
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